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Chocolate Heart Cake Recipe | Valentine Day Recipe

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Strawberry & Chocolate Heart Cake Recipe. These mini heart shaped mousse cakes are super adorable and sexy looking. They are perfect surprise for your Valentine. They dont only look fantastic but also taste incredible. You have really soft strawberry mousse, with strawberry jelly and topped with delicious rich chocolate mirror glaze. The flavours of chocolate and strawberry linger in your mouth. Enjoy!
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300 gr strawberry puree
10g gelatin powder + 4 tbsp (60g) cold water
300 ml of double/heavy/ whipping cream (35% fat), cold
100 gr of icing sugar
1 x 135g or 1 packet of strawberry jelly
125ml of boiling water
Chocolate Mirror Glaze
5 gelatin sheets or 10 grams
Sugar 210 grams
Water 110 grams
Cocoa powder 65 grams
Double OR Heavy cream 65 grams
Dark chocolate min 75 % 50 grams
Step 1 : First make your strawberry jelly. In a jug add your jelly with hot water, stir until it completely dissolves and then add the jelly into a cake tin. Place in a freezer for at least 30 min so it sets faster.
Step 2 : Make your strawberry puree. Wash and cut your strawberries, i used about 250 gr of strawberries to get 300 gr of puree. After add strawberries in a pan, then sugar and cook on low heat until sugar dissolves. Place everything into the blender and puree until smooth.
Step 3: Make strawberry mousse. Whisk 300 ml of your double cream or heavy cream in a bowl, add 100 gr of icing sugar and whisk until soft peaks. Add your strawberry puree, mix that in and then add dissolved gelatine and 1 shot of amaretto. ( You can add more amaretto if you want ) Add your mousse into a piping bag and set aside.
Step 4 : Take your jelly out and cut out little circles which will fit into your mould and cut then in half again. I used a heart shaped silicon mould, feel free to use any mould you have. Start with strawberry mousse. Then add your jelly on top, followed by more mousse.
Step 5 : Place your hearts into the freezer for at least 6 hours or best overnight.
Step 6: Make your chocolate mirror glaze, let it cool to the right temperature and pour over each heart. Decorate the way you like and place them back into the fridge for at least 30 min to defrost completely before eating. Enjoy!
Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.
Шоколад с клубникой – сочетание шикарное! Рецепт насколько простой, настолько эффектный и вкусный.
300 гр клубники пюре
10 г порошка желатина + 4 столовые ложки (60г) холодная вода
300 мл двойной / тяжелой / взбитых сливок (35% жирности), холодный
100 г сахарной пудры
1 х 135г или 1 пакетик клубничным желе
125мл кипящей воды
Шоколадная зеркальная глазурь
5 желатиновыx листов или 10 грамм
Сахар 210 грамм
Вода 110 грамм
Какао-порошок 65 грамм
крем 65 грамм
50 грамм Темный шоколад мин 75%
питание - Food
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