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Tasting British Cakes with my Boyfriend Challenge - Episode 1

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Helloooo friends and my lovely bakers. This is my first ever episode with Ivar :)) I thought it was finally time to get him on my youtube channel. We are really excited to share with you our first episode ever where we are trying these delicious British Desserts and cakes made by Epulari cake company. They were so lovely and sent us 5 boxes of treats, and today we are playing a game where we are tying each other up and trying to guess who will get all the cakes right.
If you want to try these cakes yourself I highly recommend them, here is their website :
and please support them on facebook, its a small family business and I always love to support those businesses, as they always put their heart and soul in to it. Their Facebook page:
Please comment below who you think will win!!! ANNNND give us your suggestions, what else you want us to make. We are thinking of doing fun challenges, meal preps, live chats and much more together! But we are totally new in this, and I am excited to share our lives :)
Look forward to your feedback, and your support and love! Btw you can find Ivar on instagram at @ivarphysique, and please go follow him, it means so much to him!!! Love you guys! Alla xxx
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