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10 Most Wanted People of 2019

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We've all seen and heard about it. The FBI's most-wanted list is infamous for housing the most dangerous criminals to ever walk the earth, that are STILL on the loose... From drug cartels to multiple homicides, these are the 10 Most Wanted People of 2019...
That's right, we've got all the juicy stuff in this list! We've got murder, we've got drug trafficking, we've got all of the worst criminals you could ever imagine. And the scariest thing? These people are still very much alive and could be walking down your street any second. Have you seen them? Could you be in for a multi-million dollar reward for turning them in? These are the worst of the worst in 10 Most Wanted People of 2019!
10) Robert William Fisher (00:06)
9) Jason Derek Brown (01:07)
8) Alexis Flores (02:12)
7) Eugene Palmer (03:16)
6) Arnoldo Jimenez (04:19)
5) Santiago Villalba Mederos (05:17)
4) Rafael Caro-Quintero (06:20)
3) ???
2) ???
1) ???

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