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Winning Runs: Noah Bowman Wins Men’s Ski Toyota Modified Superpipe Final | Dew Tour Copper 2020

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A total of 10 men arrived at the top of the Toyota Modified Superpipe ready to drop into this burly, one-of-a-kind course and battle it out for the top podium spot here at Dew Tour Copper. Athletes were allowed three runs each taking the highest scoring run. In the end, Noah Bowman clutched his third and final run, scoring a 95.00 for the win, followed by Gus Kenworthy in second place and Nico Porteous in third.
Watch the top winning runs in the video above.
Men’s Ski Modified Superpipe Final
1.) Noah Bowman, 95.00
2.) Gus Kenworthy, 92.66
3.) Nico Porteous, 88.00
4.) Birk Irving, 87.33
5.) Alex Ferreira, 85.00
6.) Aaron Blunck, 84.33
7.) Hunter Hess, 80.00
8.) David Wise, 75.33
9.) Brendan Mackay, 70.00
10.) Lyman Currier, 42.00
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