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Hello everyone! Hope you are all great. We are doing a FREE webinar where I will show you how to make a beautiful cake. This will be your opportunity to learn how to make this cake, and ask me any questions. It is almost like a little taster of whats to come in the online classes.
During this webinar, we will discuss and make the following:
- Light Mango Cheesecake
- Mango & Passion Fruit Inserts
- Crunchy Layer
- Whipping Techniques
- Correct Techniques
- Correct Temperatures
- Any questions
- Prizes
You can read more about my online classes here : www.allasyummyfood.com/online-courses
I really am so excited to help you take your baking skills to the next level. And, if you are struggling with gift ideas, this is the best thing you can gift someone for Christmas. If it's your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner who loves baking and cooking - they are going to love it.
If you are interested in Level 1 - Click Here -
If you are interested in Level 2 - Click Here -
If you are interested in Level 3 - Click Here -
The idea about online classes came to me 1 year ago, but I wasn't ready to do it, I kept putting it off and then one year went by and I didn't create anything. This year I really felt it, I needed a new challenge, a new direction and I was ready. This is a massive deal for me, and I have really tried to make something that would appeal and help many of you in creating beautiful cakes for loved ones. Nothing shows more love, than a home made beautiful cake.
My whole mission is to help you become amazing chef in your kitchen anywhere in the world. I want you to experience what I experience when I bake and make cakes - happiness, calmness and then excitement when people eat my cakes.
I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy watching people eat the cake, more than eating it myself. Can anyone relate to me? I almost feel that the praise I will get is more important than anything else. I am waiting for it and then when I hear all those sounds like mmm, ahhh, oooh, yummm my heart melts inside and I feel total happiness.
The story and the whole idea behind these courses is also to make it easier for you. I really don't like very complicated recipes and ingredients that are really hard to source. I spent weeks, sometimes months trying to find the right ingredients and tools. I spent so much money and time trying to perfect the recipes, and now I feel confident sharing these with you. There are some special ingredients, however I made sure it's available online for everyone.
The success to each cake lays in few factors - the right ingredients, the right tools and digital scales. You also need to add something extra... your love :P I am so cheesy! Sorry. I will try and stop. But honestly, have you ever cooked something in a bad mood? Everyone can make these Stunning Mirror Glazed Cakes, they are easy once you know the basics and I will teach you step by step and help you perfect these recipes.
In these online classes you will be able to :
- Make beautiful cakes for loved ones, friends and partners
- Bake and Sell these cakes to your customers
- Get 100% tested recipes to make the most amazing cakes
- Get the list with all the right ingredients
- Get the list with all the right tools
- Make the most stunning Mirror Glazes
- Learn the Correct Cooking Process
- Stabilisation
- Problems and Solutions to the success of your cakes
- Correct Application To The Cakes
- Lifting And Manoeuvring A Glazed Cake
- Achieving Soft & Light Texture & Stability At The Same Time
- Unique Mousse Cake Designs developed by me
- Unlimited Watch time
- Learn from anywhere in the world at the comfort of your own kitchen
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