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10 Huge Companies With Strange Beginnings

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Nintendo. Kellogg's. Adidas. These are some of the biggest, most well-known and cherished companies in the world, but take one look at their origins and you'll never see them the same way again. Here are 10 Companies With Strange Beginnings.
Every superhero worth their salt needs an origin story; it turns out, so does every company. Now the majority of them are, to be kind, incredibly dull - some of them however are born out of frankly exceptional circumstances. NASCAR, for example, came into being because of illegal moonshine dealing. Coca-Cola used to contain something far more... addictive. And NASA had a part to play in something that can be quite commonly found in the bedroom... Hell, one company started out as a cult. For more of these frankly crazy stories, here are 10 Huge Companies With Strange Beginnings.
10) Nascar
9) Zildjian
8) TGI Friday's
7) Oneida Silverware
6) Nintendo
5) Flickr
4) Coca-Cola
2) Astroglide
1) Kellogg's
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